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Permanent Dentures In A Day

Tired of Wearing Dentures?
The most seemingly hopeless smile can be replaced with a stable and healthy one in just one day by using the all-on-four technique. The new teeth feel, look and act very much like natural teeth. The all-on-four technique takes advantage of available bone by placing four implants in strategic locations and angles. In some cases, we will recommend an extra implant or two for additional stability.

The procedure
The first step is a 3D X-ray, which is used to plan the implant placement and to find the areas of densest bone. As a result, most patients don’t need any bone grafting.
In most cases, extractions are done at the same time. We then place implants at precise angles to provide maximum strength and bone coverage.

Treatment is minimally invasive. Using the 3D X-rays, we plan the treatment ahead of time, creating a surgical guide, so that on surgery day the implants are inserted quickly and accurately. Post-surgery discomfort is minimal.

Natural-looking & acting new teeth
We take meticulous measurements to create the final teeth Patients are fitted with high-grade, fully functioning teeth while their final new teeth are fabricated. These teeth.
are designed by us to be aesthetic, natural-looking and comfortable, while also providing a strong bite.
The new teeth are constructed out of a very life-like acrylic or a combination of aesthetic porcelain for the top arch and acrylic for the hard-wearing lower arch.

Who are candidates?
Bone loss occurs when teeth are left unreplaced or as a result of wearing dentures. This makes implant placement difficult. However, in nearly all cases, we can find enough bone to use the all-on-four technique without any further surgery or bone grafting.

Denture stabilization
An economical alternative to New Teeth in One Day is denture stabilization. With as little as two implants on an arch, dentures can be stabilized to increase chewing power and eliminate adhesives.

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